AAV Expression Vectors

AAV viral particles are generated by co-transfecting the HEK293T cell line with a recombinant AAV vector carrying the gene of interest (GOI), a Rep/Cap plasmid (encoding AAV Rep/Cap genes), and an adenovirus-derived helper plasmid providing genes needed for replication (E4, E2A, VA). OriGene offers a range of AAV vectors for your research.

Key features

  • Easy to subclone with OriGene's novel Precision ShuttleTM
  • Flexible with multiple reporter options: DDK, GFP, RFP
  • Convenient to sequence target after cloning: BGI-F & AC-GFP-R Primer binding sites
  • Suitable for shRNA mediated knockdown
AAV Vectors
SKU Description
PS100089 pAAV-AC-Myc-DDK, AAV vector with C-terminal Myc-DDK tag
PS100090 pAAV-AC-GFP, AAV vector with C-terminal tGFP tag
PS100091 pAAV-AC-RFP, AAV vector with C-terminal tRFP tag
PS100127 pAAV-EF1a-tGFP-WPRE AAV Gene Expression Vector
TR30034 HuSH shRNA GFP AAV Cloning Vector (pGFP-A-shAAV Vector), 5 ug

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