Knockout (KO) Validation

OriGene employs CRISPR to validate antibody specificity

Why KO validation?

Specificity has been a major unsolved issue for antibody application. OriGene has been a pioneer in providing highly validated antibodies. Using KO lysate is OriGene’s second initiative after UltraMAB, which utilize high-density protein arrays (17K protein chip) to validated antibody specificity.

Western blot using knockout (KO) cell lysate has become a new practice for antibody validation. In KO validation, a knockout cell line was paired with the parental cell line in western blot analysis. A truly specific antibody recognizes the target protein of right molecular weight in the WT cell lysate, but not in the KO cell lysate.

Featured knockout (KO) validated antibodies

Knockout cell lysates

CRISPR technology has accelerated the generation of KO cell lines. Teaming up with EdiGene, OriGene is now offering a growing list of KO cell lysates. Not only we utilize the KO lysate for validation of OriGene’s antibodies, we also offer them to research community, to be used as WB negative controls.

Furthermore, OriGene offers a larget collection Tagged Over-expression Lysates, providing a cost-effective option as positive control in Western blot, ELISA and other antibody assays.