UltraMAB®, the Ultra Specific Antibody

Validated against > 10,000 human antigens

Some commonly used diagnostic antibodies perform well in applications but cross-react with other unrelated proteins. This cross-reactivity may potentially cause unexpected side effects and generate false diagnostic reports. OriGene is proud to announce the development of High-Density Protein Microarray for antibody specificity testing. View details of High-Density Protein Microarray

Using this microarray spotted with 17,000 different over-expressed proteins, we have validated the specificity of existing HER2 (view case studies) and ERCC1 diagnostic antibody (View publication on the validation of ERCC1 antibodies). This protein microarray technology has also been applied to identify UltraMAB®, the ultra specific antibodies for cancer biomarkers and other important diagnostic targets. Major applications of validation for UltraMAB® include.

  • Mono-specificity test
  • WB with cell lines and tissue lysates
  • IHC staining with over 25 types of normal and cancer human tissues
  • IF/ICC
  • FACS

30ul trial size is available