Empowering your research: Genomics to Proteomics, The OriGene Story

In 1996, OriGene Technologies was founded as a research tool company with the generation of large commercial collection of full-length human cDNAs with a mission to be "Your Gene Company", supplying you with all tools for gene-based research. Today we have stayed true to our mission, continuing to develop high quality innovative tools based on our strong proprietary cDNA clone collection.

In 2009, we started producing recombinant proteins under the brand name MVPro from our proprietary sequence verified TrueORF clones. The following year we started production of antibodies such as TrueMAB (2010), UltraMAB (the ultra-specific antibody in 2012) and TrueRAB (Rabbit monoclonal antibody in 2016. In addition, we recently launched CytoSection, the novel control for IHC, ICC and ISH.

Today researchers can start their journey with a clone from our TrueClone collection and complete the analysis by developing an assay system using our Proteins and TrueMAB antibodies. We empower researchers in their journey to move from Genomics to Proteomics.

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