Custom Lentivirus Production Services

custom lentivirus production services

OriGene offers genome-wide Lenti-ORF and Lenti-shRNA products including lentiviral plasmids and lentiviral particles. To further satisfy gene delivery needs, we also offer custom lentiviral cloning and lentiviral production services, including small and large-scale production for both in vitro and in-vivo animal studies. With over 25 years of experience, OriGene remains one of the global leaders in lentiviral packaging.

How does the service work?

Send us your plasmid with the insert

Provide us with a gene sequence and choose your desired lenti vector

Select a clone from our large library and choose your desired lenti vector

Select your desired titer: 107 – 1010 TU/mL

Get your Lentiviral Particles in 2-3 weeks

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  • Save time and focus on scientific discovery with transduction-ready viral particles
  • Switch selection markers or different fusion tags from the standard lentiviral particle offering
  • Flexible volumes
  • Ultra-high viral titers needed for difficult-to-transduce cells and in vivo animal studies

  • Largest collection of cDNA clones and shRNAs: view details
  • Large selection of vectors: 35+ different lentiviral vectors with different tags, selection markers and promoters.
  • Stability: All viral particles will be provided in lentiviral stabilizer solution which ensures the stability of your particles for up to 1 year
  • Ultra-high titers: 107-1010 TU/mL
  • Safety: 3rd generation of lentivirus

Note: if the lentivirus production is from your own lenti vector, please read the DNA requirement.

OriGene's lentiviral system has been rigorously tested

lentivirus transduction data

Lentivirus, GFP or GFP tagged ORF, were used to transduce HT1080. Fluorescent images were taken 7 days post transduction.

Lentvirus Transduction Expression

293T cells were transduced with LentiORF particles at 5 MOI. Particles were produced using Lenti-vpak packaging kit (TR30037). Cells were harvested 72 hours post transduction. Western-blot was performed using anti-DDK (cat# TA50011).

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