Custom Lentivirus Production Services

Purified lentivirus of flexible production scales and viral titers

OriGene offers genome-wide Lenti-ORF and Lenti-shRNA products including lentiviral plasmids and lentiviral particles. OriGene also has lentiviral CRISPR vectors and lentivirus can be provided. To further satisfy gene delivery custom needs, we are now offering custom lentiviral cloning and lentivirus production services including high titer and large scale production. A broad range of lentiviral titer (10^7 to 10^10 TU/mL) will be offered according to research applications including in vitro cell cultures and in vivo animal studies.

Catalog Lenti Plasmids

Custom Cloning Into 30 lenti vectors

Customer's Lenti plasmids

Custom Lentivirus Production

High Titer 10^7-10^10 TU/mL

Flexible Volumes

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  • Save time and focus on scientific discovery with transduction-ready viral particles
  • Switch selection marker or different fusion tag from the standard lentiviral particle offering
  • Larger viral volume
  • High viral titer needed for difficult-to-transduce cells and in vivo animal studies

  • Largest collection of cDNA clones and shRNAs: view details
  • Large selection of vectors: 30 different lentiviral vectors with different tags, selection markers and promoters.
  • Lentivirus more stable: All viral particles will be provided in lentiviral stabilizer solution.
  • Ultra-high titer lentivirus produced from ultracentrifugation
  • Safer: 3rd generation of lentivirus

  1. Lentiviral plasmid options
  2. Lentivirus packaging using OriGene's high efficiency lenti-vpack packaging kit
  3. Purification step
    • For in intro cell culture transduction: concentrate the viral supernatants using OriGene's lenti concentrator and resuspend the virus in lentiviral stabilizer. Lentivirus produced is concentrated, more stable during storage and protected from freeze and thaw cyles.
    • For in vivo animal studies: purify the lentivirus using ultracentrifuge for higher viral titer.
  4. Recombinant lentivirus titration

Note: if the lentivirus production is from your own lenti vector, please read the DNA requirement.

OriGene's lentiviral system has been rigorously tested

lentivirus transduction data

Lentivirus, GFP or GFP tagged ORF, were used to transduce HT1080. Fluorescent images were taken 7 days post transduction.

Lentvirus Transduction Expression

293T cells were transduced with LentiORF particles at 5 MOI. Particles were produced using Lenti-vpak packaging kit (TR30037). Cells were harvested 72 hours post transduction. Western-blot was performed using anti-DDK (cat# TA50011).