Scientist from Givaudan July 10, 2015

My experiences with OriGene have been very positive. In all cases but one the cDNA clone was exactly what we expected it to be. This has not been the case with other suppliers.



ERCC1 Antibody 4F9, an UltraMAB story on antibody specificity

ERCC1 is an important biomarker for clinicians to predict whether patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma will respond to cisplatin chemotherapy. As such, it is critical to develop highly-specific IHC antibodies for this diagnostic test. 8F1, the most commonly used antibody clone for ERCC1, exhibits cross-reactivity to an unknown protein. By using OriGene's high-density protein microarray technology, the corresponding cross-reactive binding protein of 8F1 was identified. This technology also enables us to successfully develop the most specific UltraMAB monoclonal antibody for ERCC1 (4F9, Clone UMAB8).

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