New Launch: IHC Essentials
New Launch: IHC Essentials
OriGene has introduced a new portal, a one-stop-shop for all your IHC needs. From primary antibodies to tissue repositories, detection kits and other reagents. Get it all in one place. Learn more »
New Launch: ELISA Kits
New Launch: ELISA Kits
OriGene has added four new ELISA kits to its assay product line. Now you can order ELISA kits for MAGEA3, ST2, GFAP and, MRP8. Learn more »
New Launch: Cloning Accessories
New Launch: Cloning Accessories
We have added T4 DNA Ligase, PCR/qPCR Master Mixes, DNA Ladders, HotStart PCR Kits, and A Multi-Fragment DNA Assembly Kit to our product line. Learn more »

Hot Topics

Spatial Proteomics:

Spatial proteomics is an antibody-based, multiplexed IHC study, which uses hypothesis-driven or unsupervised classification analyses to study cell-cell, and cell-environment interactions like the topics in cancer microenvironment research. Learn more »


HSD17B proteins are a family of enzymes catalyzing redox reactions in steroid metabolism. Various diseases are linked to the dysregulated activity of these proteins, for example, HSD17B13 in NAFLD/NASH. Learn more »


In this video learn about using our filters and finding what you are looking for in a quick and efficient manner. Watch now »
What is CRISPR? What is Cas9? How does CRISPR system work? This short video introduces the basics of this novel technology. Watch now »
This video introduces the necessity of having a good ALK antibody for lung cancer diagnostics and showcases is the ALK UltraMAB antibody, clone OTI1A4 is the ideal choice for the IHC application. Watch now »

Product of the Month


CytoSections are ready-to-use FFPE sections of cell pellets expressing targeted protein derived from gene-specific cDNA clones. These have been tested for IHC and ISH assays, hence they are an ideal tool for laboratories working on new biomarker discovery and antibody development. Learn more »

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