HuSH-29™: shRNA for Human, Mouse and Rat Genes

OriGene uses a 29mer short hairpin design for Hush-29TM shRNA products, which has been demonstrated to be more effective than 21-mer versions (learn more about the design algorithm). Pre-designed Hush-29 shRNAs offer genome-wide coverage for human, mouse and rat with proven effectiveness (view 500+ citations).

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HuSH-29™ shRNA Features

  • Multiple vector selection: Lentiviral, Retroviral or AAV
  • Multiple reporter selection: tGFP, tRFP, no reporter
  • Guaranteed knockdown of ≥70% view detail
  • Pricing - as low as $498 for a set of 4 gene-sepcific shRNAs and a scrambled negative control
  • New! Lenti-shRNA virus particles available
  • custom shRNA service is also available

Lenti-shRNA Particle Offering    Lenti virus

  • Coverage: any shRNA targeting human, mouse or rat gene
  • Read-to-use: just add to your cells and assay
  • Broad spectrum: transduce dividing, non-dividing cells and in vivo
  • Biosafety: replication-deficient 3rd generation lenti particles
  • Other Lentiviral Products
  • Custom lentivirus services: Ultra high titer and flexible scales

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  • shRNA Vectors
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  • shRNA Controls
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  • HuSH-29 shRNA Kinase Collection
    HuSH-29 Kinase Collection contains 481 genes cloned in pRFP-C-RS vector allowing researchers to monitor transfection. Learn more…

    SKU Description Availability
    TR100001 HuSH shRNA kinase collection in RFP vector - constructs individually plated (481 gene targets, 4 shRNA constructs per target, 2 ug/well) In Stock