Expression Vectors

Vectors are the backbones that house a DNA fragment, which can be a protein coding sequence, miRNA, shRNA, CRISPR gRNA or a promoter sequence. A well-designed vector contains various functional elements, such as promoters, drug selection markers, lentiviral, AAV or retroviral packing elements, fluorescence proteins, luciferase reporter genes etc.

One of OriGene's areas of expertise is creating vectors to serve molecular biologists. All of our cDNA clones are housed in our own vectors, which have been thoroughly tested and cited in thousands of citations.

OriGene pCMV6-Entry Vector PS100001

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Featured Vectors:

  • Untagged Expression Vectors:
    A collection of vectors that are used in our untagged cDNA clones.
  • Tagged Expression Vectors:
    A collection of vectors that are used in our tagged cDNA clones.
  • AAV Vectors:
    A list of AAV vectors used for cloning.
  • Lenti Vectors:
    A list of 3rd generation lentiviral vectors with different promoters and tag sequences.
  • CRISPR Vectors:
    A list of CRISPR vectors for gRNA cloning and Cas9 expression.
  • Promoterless Reporter Vectors:
    Vectors are designed for promoter studies, using luciferase or GFP as a reporter (pRMT-Luc, pRMT-tGFP).
  • shRNA Vectors:
    A list of shRNA vectors for the cloning of shRNA under U6 promoter, which includes MMLV based retroviral vectors and 3rd generation lentiviral vectors.
  • miRNA & 3' UTR Vectors:
    pMirTarget vector for the cloning of 3' UTR sequence downstream of the luciferase reporter gene. This vector is designed to work together with miRNA plasmids for miRNA target validation.
  • Custom Vectors:
    In addition to our predesigned and prevalidated vectors, we can make a new vector based on your special request. Let OriGene's experts assist you in vector construction.