Promoterless Reporter Vectors

The Promoterless reporter vectors are designed for promoter studies, using luciferase or GFP as a reporter (pRMT-Luc, pRMT-tGFP). The promoter of interest is cloned into the multiple cloning site (MCS) and its activity can be monitored by the reporter expression.


  • Low background: reporter genes are not transcribed
  • Two reporter options: luciferase or GFP
  • Mammalian selection marker: Neomycin resistant gene for stable selection
Reporter assay diagram

Reporter Vectors

SKU Description Datasheet
PR100001 pRMT-Luc, Firefly Luciferase reporter vector
PR100002 pRMT-tGFP, the GFP reporter vector

Luciferase Assay Kits

SKU Description Datasheet
PR300001 Firefly luciferase assay kit, 150 assays
PR300002 Renilla luciferase assay kit, 150 assays
PR300004 5x Passive lysis buffer
PR300005 5x Firefly luciferase lysis buffer
PR300006 Firefly luciferase assay kit, 1000 assays
PR300007 Renilla luciferase assay kit, 1000 assays