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Got Science in your DNA? Expires on 12/31/2018

Look stylish with our limited edition "Science is in my DNA" hoodie when your order is over the qualifying amount. From now to December 31, get your hands on this hoodie when you purchase $2,000/2.000€ or more in a single purchase order.

OriGene Hoodie
Live CRISPR Webinar, October 25th, Thursday

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As a leading CRISPR tool provider, OriGene created gene knockout kits for every single locus, in both human and mouse. With all necessary plasmids/DNA included, this kit enables researchers to quickly embark on an exciting CRISPR-based gene knockout project, for any gene locus of interest.

Key Topics:

  • How to use CRISPR kit to knockout a gene?
  • How can KN2.0 kit get ~50% double knockout efficiency.
  • How to validate a successful knockout?
$48 Mouse Clone Promotion Expires on 12/31/2018

$48 each for 20,000 mouse ORF clones. Please download the list.

  • Myc-DDK tagged (DDK is the same as Flag tag)
  • Transfection Ready
  • Next Day Shipment Globally
  • Discount Applied Automatically (Can't be combined with other promotions)
Protein Promotion

Save up to 40% on 3600 proteins, including the most popular cytokine/chemokine/Growth factors.

  • Promotion extended upon customer's request
  • Can't be combined with other promotions.
ORF Clone Promotion

Best time to get ORF clones, high quality and in mammalian expression vector

  • Only $98 each, Close to 5,000 Human ORF clones, download the list.
  • Fully sequenced, next day delivery
  • Myc-DDK tagged in mammalian expression vector
  • Can't be combined with other promotions.

Multi-clone Discount

Need more than 10 cDNA clones? Please provide your list of any cDNA clones and request a quote. Direct sales only. Can't be combined with other promotions.

Number of clones
Try Our Novel Transfection Reagent
Viromer Samples

Free Viromer samples with purchase of any OriGene products
Viromer sample cat#: TT100308 (Red), TT100305 (Blue), TT100306 (Green), TT100310 (Viromer CRISPR)

  • Virus-like polymer
  • Superior transfection, active endosome escape
  • Best for hard-to-transfect cells
  • Viromer samples are available for $50 each when ordered alone.

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