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ELISA Development Service

Why Choose OriGene as Your ELISA Development Partner?

OriGene is committed to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions for all your ELISA assay development needs. Our team of expert scientists supports the design and development of custom ELISAs to meet your needs, providing high-quality results for any biomarker, especially for those where off-the-shelf ELISA solutions are unavailable.

ELISA Development Process

OriGene offers a structured process for developing high-quality ELISA assays. Our process is personalized by having a dedicated project manager who regularly updates and discusses project status. In addition, we offer an optional sample testing service after assembling a kit. Simply let us know your requirements, and we will take it from there.

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Understanding Your Project
  • Define the needs and requirement
  • Antigen and antibody procurements

Phase 1
(3-4 weeks)

Assay Validation
  • Spike recovery, dilution linearity, and precision testing
  • Custom sample testing (optional)
  • Phase 2 report

Phase 3
(1-2 weeks)

Sample Testing Service
Additional options for customers who prefer to oustsources their sample testing needs
ELISA Development Service Milestone

Phase 0

Assay Development
  • Antibody labeling
  • Antibody pair screening
  • Assay optimization
    • Calibration curve and limit of detection
  • Phase 1 report

Phase 2
(3-4 weeks)

Assay Kit Deliverable
  • Kit manufacture and assemble
  • Assay protocol and COA
  • Phase 3 report


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