Exact-shRNA: Custom shRNA service

Exact-shRNA is an shRNA service for the special needs outside our pre-designed shRNA products. Examples are

  • shRNA targeting species other than Human, Mouse or Rat
  • Integrate an effective siRNA oligo sequence into an shRNA vector
  • Isoform-specific knock down
  • Have shRNA constructs that target multiple species
  • Reproduce a published result where shRNA sequence is available/disclosed
  • A scrambled negative control is included. Other control vectors can be ordered.
  • Lentiviral vector now available!

There are two modes of service with Exact-shRNA:

  • Self-design: Customers specify the short hairpin sequences (stem and loop), choose a vector and OriGene constructs the plasmid. This is targeted to researchers who have gained knowledge of the effective target sequence, either from previous research or from published work. Up to 4 constructs are allowed for each project. Additional constructs can be submitted as a new project.
  • OriGene-design: Customers define the transcript sequence(s) and OriGene designs the shRNA (stem and loop) using our proprietary algorithm. Four constructs will be designed whenever possible.

Click on a service above to fill out the request form. When placing an order, just refer to the catalog number on the request form.

If you would like some assistance in the design of your shRNA constructs, we have experienced molecular biologists in our technical support team ready to help. Contact the Exact-shRNA team at 301.340.3188 option 2.