MegaTran: Potent Transfection Reagents for Large Volume Applications

MegaTran 2.0

MegaTran 2.0 is an improved polymer-based, superior DNA transfection reagent. MegaTran 2.0 is very efficient and can be used in broader cell spectrum. Excellent transfection efficiency at a lower cost, best for large volume applications, such as protein expression and high throughput screening.


  • Superior transfection efficiency
  • High transgene protein expression
  • Broad cell spectrum
  • Competitive pricing

MegaTran 2.0 Products

Catalog No. Description Manual
TT210002 MegaTran 2.0 plasmid transfection reagent (0.5 mL), 330 rxns for 24-well plate
TT210003 MegaTran 2.0 plasmid transfection reagent (1 mL), 660 rxns for 24-well plate
TT210003P5 MegaTran 2.0 plasmid transfection reagent (5x1 mL), 3,330 rxns for 24-well plate

MegaTran 2.0 Transfection Data

Megatran 2.0 Transfection Data

The above cell lines were transfected with 1 ug of pCMV6-AC-GFP (cat# PS100010) using MegaTran 2.0. Fluorescence images were taken 48 hrs post transfection.

More MegaTran 2.0 Transfection Data

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