Cloning & Expression Vectors

The same ORF insert in multiple context for diverse applications

OriGene offers genome wide TrueORF clones for human, mouse and rat genes. Each TrueORF clone contains a sequence verified ORF in pCMV6-Entry or pCMV6-AC-GFP vector, and can be easily shuttled via PrecisonShuttle, a simple 'cut-and-paste' procedure, into any of the destination vectors. With the wide selection of destination vectors, TrueORF clones are ready-to-use for many downstream studies.

The destination vectors offer choices of:

  • Epitope tags for protein purification and detection
  • Fluorescent protein tags for visualization
  • Various drug selection markers for stable cell line establishment
  • Lentiviral, and AAV based expression vectors for virus production

The vectors could be ordered as:

  • Stand-alone products
  • As custom shuttling service  where OriGene subclones the ORF insert of your interest from our TrueORF clone into any of the destination vectors.

Lentiviral Vectors

OriGene offers many lentiviral vectors. View more information from our lenti-vector page.

Epitope tagging

FP tagging

TrueORF Photo gallery of the fluorescent-tagged proteins generated by OriGene with TrueORF clones

Selection markers



Inducible vectors

Bacterial expression

The new E.coli destination vectors expand the utility of 37,000 TrueORF clones for protein production in bacteria.
Expression Validation Product Manual


Peptide sequence of the DDK-tag (Flag®): N-DYKDDDDK-C
Flag® is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich