cDNA Clones

Broad Coverage of cDNA clones

You have come to the right place for your cDNA clone needs! With over 25 years of experience, OriGene has accelerated gene function discovery with over 1 million cDNA clones. Our collection has been recognized not only for its broad coverage but more importantly, its high quality. In addition, lentiviral plasmid and particles are offered for difficult to transfect cells.

Why Should I Use OriGene Clones?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Human / Mouse / Rat / Virus
  • Multiple Expression Systems Available: Mammalian, Bacterial, Lentiviral, AAV
  • Transfection-ready DNA: 10 ug provided
  • Flexible Shuttling: Over 100 expression vectors
  • Custom Cloning: Click here to learn more
  • Proven to work: OriGene's clones have been successfully cited in Nature, Cell, and more! (view citations)

OriGene’s Expression Clones Save Times and Efforts

OriGene Clones 10ug Advantages