TrueClone®: Untagged cDNA Clones

TrueClones® are full-length cDNA clones derived from human, mouse, and rat cDNA libraries. TrueClones® are ideal for over-expression of native proteins for functional studies. For over-expression of tagged proteins, OriGene offers TrueORF® with built-in tags for convenient detection and purification.

Features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Human (45,000), Mouse (30,000), and Rat (18,000)
  • Expression clone driven by CMV promoters (view vectors)
  • Authentic transcripts without PCR artifacts
  • Provided as 10ug transfection-ready plasmids
  • Clone collections available



  • Native protein over-experssion in mammalian cells
  • Subclone into expression vectors for tagged protein expression
    (Learn how TrueORF® can help you skip the subcloning process)
  • Hybridization probe for Southern, Northern and in situ hybridization
  • Real-time PCR template standards
  • More applications...