TrueClone®: Untagged cDNA Clones

TrueClones® are full-length cDNA clones derived from human, mouse, and rat cDNA libraries. TrueClones® are ideal for over-expression of native proteins for functional studies. For over-expression of tagged proteins, OriGene offers TrueORF® with built-in tags for convenient detection and purification.

Interested in custom cloning? Request a quote!Interested in custom cloning? Request a quote!

Features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Human (45,000), Mouse (30,000), and Rat (18,000)
  • Expression clone driven by CMV promoters (view vectors)
  • Authentic transcripts without PCR artifacts
  • Provided as 10ug transfection-ready plasmids
  • Clone collections available



  • Native protein over-experssion in mammalian cells
  • Subclone into expression vectors for tagged protein expression
    (Learn how TrueORF® can help you skip the subcloning process)
  • Hybridization probe for Southern, Northern and in situ hybridization
  • Real-time PCR template standards
  • More applications...

Customer Reviews

"We are a loyal local customer of OriGene and we always get reliable results from using their expression plasmids."

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CiPA Lab

"Origene had the exact clone we needed."

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University of Pennsylvania

"Origene products are easy to use and customer service is super helpful! I've always got helped when I encountered a problem. Thank you."

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University of Michigan

"What I like about the Origene wesbsite was that the chat line usually directs me to the right person to ask questions -- who not only answers my questions, but will provide the quote, and good to follow up on the progress, etc."

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Case Western Reserve University

"Good quality, fast turnaround time, reasonable pricing with a vast selection"

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BC Cancer Research Centre

"I really trust OriGene's cloning service!"

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"Our lab is a frequent customer."

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"The technical support was great with good response time."

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Center for Disease Control

"All products have been great or quickly exchanged."

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University of Toledo-HSC

"Good variety of clones with good choice of labels"

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Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

"We have been using OriGene for the last five years. The plasmids are amazing"

Review by S.K.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

"Excellent quality and affordable price"

Review by K.P.

St. Johns University


Recent Citations using our TrueClones

1. Pannexin 3 regulates skin development via Epiprofin

Published in Scientific Reports, 2021 Dec, using SC305706
PubMed: 33469169

2. ANKRD22 drives rapid proliferation of Lgr5+ cells and acts as a promising therapeutic target in gastric mucosal injury

Published in Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2021 Jul, using SC123169
PubMed: 34217895

3. Block of TREK and TRESK K2P channels by lamotrigine and two derivatives sipatrigine and CEN-092

Published in Biochemistry and biophysics reports, 2021 Jul, using SC121923
PubMed: 34041373

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