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What is Lentivirus?

Lentivirus is a genus of retroviruses that express reverse transcriptase and integrase. These two enzymes are used to integrate viral DNA into host DNA, allowing for the exploitation of host machinery to express viral genes. Lentiviral vectors are modified from HIV-1, with many of the viral genes removed. The lentiviral vector only contains the LTRs and the packaging signal, Ψ. In addition, lentiviral packaging genes are provided on separate plasmids, so the pseudo lentiviral particles are replication deficient. Using lentiviral vectors to deliver genes into targeted cells has proven to be a dependable, efficient, and safe method for research.

Benefits of Using Lentivirus

  1. Broad cell spectrum: Lentivirus can infect many cells including dividing & non-dividing, easy-to-transfect, and hard-to-transfect cells.
  2. High transduction efficiency.
  3. Convenience: Minimal need for optimization.
  4. Safety: 3rd generation system with improved biosafety.

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What makes our lentiviral particles special?

  • Pre-titered, ready-to-use
  • Titer guaranteed, >10^7 TU/mL
  • Provided in the proprietary Lenti Stabilizer Solution with >1 year infectivity
  • OriGene is a legally licensed vendor for lentiviral products

To learn more about how to make lentivirus, watch our video on lentivirus production. This video has all the information you need to produce high quality lentiviral particles, from lentivirus packaging, virus titration, and virus concentration to particle stabilization.

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Hear what the researchers are saying about our Lenti products

"I have used lenti-ORF plasmids for the generation of overexpression stable cells. They work well. The cell selection marker in the vector made it easier to generate stable cells."

"The ready-to-use lentivirus particles worked well in our hard-to-transduce cell lines."

"I purchased a lenti-ORF from OriGene. I have good transfection and transduction efficiency with OriGene's lenti products. Overall, I am extremely satisfied."

"I used both the lentivirus and the lenti plasmids. Both of them worked very well. And the customer service is good too."

"We Purchased multiple lenti vectors from OriGene and they all worked great."

"Aml12 cells are very difficult to transfect using siRNAs. Hence, using OriGene's lenti-shRNA product helped tackle this issue."