Lentivirus Stabilizer

Extend the lentiviral stability for one year

How to increase lentivirus stability? Lentivirus stabilizer was developed to preserve the infectivity of lentivirus in storage. When stored in regular production media, DMEM, after 6 month of storage at -80C, most of the infectivity will be lost. In contrast, when stored in the stabilizer, the infectivity is well preserved.

SKU Description
TR30039 Lentivirus stabilizer, preserving lentiviral infectivity, 5 mL
TR30039L Lentivirus stabilizer, preserving the lentiviral infectivity, 20 mL


  • Stabilizing lentivirus in storage
  • Prolong storage, > 1 year
  • Protect freeze and thaws: When used together with Lenti concentrator (TR30025)
  • Download datasheet

Lentivirus Stabilizer Well Preserved the Infectivity of Lentivirus

Lentviral Stabilizer Data
Lenti-GFP particles (cat# PS100071V) freshly made (left panel). The viruses in culture media or Lenti Stabilizer were incubated at 37C for 5 days. HEK293T cells were transduced with the above lentiviruses. Fluorescent images were taken 48 hrs post transduction.

Lentivirus Concentration / Storage Flow Chart

Lentvirus Concentration Storage Data

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