Lentivirus Stabilizer

Extend Lentiviral Stability for One Year

The Lentivirus Stabilizer was developed to preserve the infectivity of lentivirus in storage. When stored in regular production media, DMEM, after 6 months of storage at -80C, most of the infectivity will be lost. In contrast, OriGene’s Lentivirus Stabilizer can preserve the infectivity for at least one year at - 80°C.

SKU Description
TR30039 Lentivirus stabilizer, preserving lentiviral infectivity, 5 mL
TR30039L Lentivirus stabilizer, preserving the lentiviral infectivity, 20 mL


  • Stabilizing lentivirus in storage
  • Prolong storage, > 1 year
  • Protect freeze and thaws: When used together with Lenti concentrator (TR30025)
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Lentivirus Stabilizer Successfully Preserves Lentivirus Infectivity

Lentviral Stabilizer Data
Lenti-GFP particles (cat# PS100071V) freshly made (left panel). The viruses in culture media or Lenti Stabilizer were incubated at 37C for 5 days. HEK293T cells were transduced with the above lentiviruses. Fluorescent images were taken 48 hrs post transduction.

Lentivirus Concentration / Storage Flow Chart

Lentvirus Concentration Storage Data

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