Lentiviral Concentrator

If the lentiviral titer is low, the virus can be concentrated quickly with OriGene's Lentiviral Concentrator, easily reaching up to 10^9 TU/mL. OriGene also offers a custom lentivirus production service that gives you the ability to choose your target titer/volume, saving you time and effort.


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TR30025 Lentivirus concentration solution (5X), 50ml In Stock
TR30026 Lentivirus concentration solution (5X), 4x50ml In Stock

concentration titer
lentiviral GFP particles (8 ml) were concentrated using TR30025, resuspended in 80ul of PBS.

GFP concentration
GFP fluorescence image 72 hrs post transduction of HT1080 cells using lenti particles before and after concentration.

Lenti Accessories

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