Viral Gene Delivery

What is a Viral Vector?

Viral Vectors are tools frequently used to deliver genetic material into cells. Lentiviral vectors (LV) and adeno-associated viral vectors (AAV) can deliver genetic material into dividing and non-dividing cells unlike other retroviral vectors. These two vectors remain the most popular options for gene delivery in both research and clinical applications. OriGene offers genome-wide lentiviral vectors, shRNA lentiviral products, AAV vectors, and more.

How do I decide which vector to use?

AAV vectors are smaller than LV vectors which results in better spreading efficiency in specific tissues. If you are looking to avoid interactions with other cells in the same tissue, LV vectors offer a solution, as they only target distinct cell populations. In addition, LV vectors have the ability to integrate into the host genome which provides stable expression, whereas AAV vectors stay in the episome within cells. There are pros and cons to each vector but deciding which to use, is completely dependent on your goal.

Features Lentivirus AAV
Larger insert size
Tissue Specificity
Genome Integration
Ideal for in-vivo use
Higher Titer

Viral Packaging

Viral packaging is a fundamental viral process that can be exploited to express your gene-of-interest in a cell population. OriGene provides custom AAV packaging as well as a lentiviral particle packaging kit which optimizes the packaging of 3rd generation lentivectors in viral particles.

Why Use OriGene?

  • Broad cell spectrum: Between AAV and LV vectors, you can deliver genetic material of variable sizes to dividing and non-dividing cells.
  • Multiple reporter options including GFP, RFP, and DDK
  • Particles arrive transduction-ready

Hear what researchers are saying about our viral tools

"I have used shLenti for knockdown (TXN1 and TXNRD1) and they have worked well."

"Our lab tried to package our lentivirus using 293T cells but it was not that easy. OriGene's lentivirus provided us consistent results which made us have clear idea about the further research goals."

"Lenti Vector with GFP and selection marker makes easy to generate single cell clones."

">95% of the time we achieve expression which is better than my experience with other vendors."

"We as research labs always look for an efficient and reliable lentiviral products and OriGene has really done a great job for past several years for us. We are extremely satisfied with the product's efficacy of knockdown, literature provided and technical support when needed. On top of this the service was fast enough. I shall highly recommend researchers to go for OriGene. Thank you."

"I choose OriGene's lentivirus to induce effectively long-term and deficiency of PTP1B in a primary cell line then transplanted into mice. With OriGene Lenti we achieved a downregulation of PTP1B sustained for more than 5 days, which allowed us to assess the effect of PTP1B absence in early stages of cells engraftment!"