Mutant Proteins

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A mutant protein is a protein encoded by a gene with mutations. Broadly mutations can be classified into 7 categories. These include missense mutation, nonsense mutation, insertion, deletion, duplication, frameshift, and repeat expansion. Mutant proteins unlike other protein biomarkers, are produced by tumor cells, hence excellent target for biomarker development and drugs. Currently there is a critical need for assays to quantify mutant proteins in tumors and having a well characterized & stable positive control is an essential.

OriGene’s Mutant protein collection includes 90+ purified & well characterized mutant proteins expressed in human cells.

Key features:

  • 90+ well characterized mutant proteins
  • Mutation verified by sequencing
  • Protein expression verified by SDS-PAGE
  • Tagged at C-terminal Myc-DDK


  • Immunodiagnostic tests development
  • Control for immunobiological assays such as ELISA, and other antibody assays
  • Research applications: Protein studies such as protein-protein interactions, in-vitro biochemical assays, cell based functional assays