3’-UTR Clones

Assay-ready Luc-UTR constructs for 20,000 human genes

The 3’-UTR plasmids provide a convenient solution for quantitative assessment of the inhibitory effect between miRNAs and their potential target genes. The 3’-UTR sequence of a gene of interest was cloned downstream of the firefly luciferase gene. The chimeric transcript level is regulated by its interaction with miRNA(s), which results in varied luciferase activity quantifiable by a colorometric assay

UTR Clone
Interaction between miRNA and UTR
Reduced luciferase expression
No interaction between miRNA and UTR
No effect on luciferase expression

5,000 Human ORF clones at $98 each

  • Genome wide coverage (>20,000 human gene).
  • Firefly luciferase as the easy-to-assay reporter
  • RFP as reporter for transfection monitoring
  • High sensitivity from IRES-driven translation of the expression cassette
  • 3'-UTRs clones longer than 2kb can be ordered through gene synthesis. Make sure to select pMirTarget as the cloning vector.