Protein Kinase Products

As the world’s leading gene company, OriGene offers comprehensive product solutions for studying human protein kinases. Our functional kinome cDNA collection was featured in a Cell publication in 2008, “Application of active and kinase-deficient kinome collection for identification of kinase regulating Hedgehog signaling”.

Our products include:

  • 1375 full length human cDNA clones (See list)
  • 350+ Kinase-deficient mutants (See list)
  • 886 ORF cDNA clones with epitope tags (See list)
  • HuSH-29 shRNA targeting 512 human genes
  • Pre-designed SYBR primers for qPCR
  • 550+ Recombinant proteins (see list)
  • Primary antibodies (see list)
Human Kinome

OriGene offers custom subcloning service for custom tagging, stable selection markers, etc. Contact Technical Support

HuSH-29 shRNA Kinase Collection

HuSH-29 Kinase Collection contains 512 genes cloned in pRFP-C-RS vector allowing researchers to monitor transfection. Learn more…

Catalog No. Description Price
TR100001 HuSH shRNA kinase collection in RFP vector - constructs individually plated (481 gene targets, 4 shRNA constructs per target, 2 ug/well) Please inquire