Human Proteins

We offer over a range of proteins for various applications including Western Blot, ELISA, assay and antibody development, mass spec and more.

  • Cell Protein Lysate: Cell lysates of recombinant proteins (human, mouse) expressed in HEK293 cells
  • Purified Proteins: Expressed in different host cells: human cells, bacteria, yeast and insect cells
  • Modified Proteins: Genetically engineered 67 SARS-CoV-2 mutant viral proteins and 90+ human mutant proteins; ideally suited for structure function studies. Ask about our custom mutant protein service at
  • Custom Proteins: Bulk protein production, tag or tag-free, & biotinylated proteins
mvpr Human Proteins
Why scientist love ‘MVPro’ Proteins?
'MVPro' are full-length human proteins expressed in HEK293T cells. Their properties are very close to native proteins, hence makes them an ideal reagents for antibody development, immuno-assays, & structure-function studies.

Recent Citations using our Proteins

1. Decreased TMIGD1 aggravates colitis and intestinal barrier dysfunction via the BANF1-NF-κB pathway in Crohn’s disease

Published in BMC Medicine, 2023 Aug, using TP303270
PubMed: 37542259

2. NLRP11 is a pattern recognition receptor for bacterial lipopolysaccharide in the cytosol of human macrophages

Published in Science immunology, 2023 Aug, using TP760359
PubMed: 37478192

3. An insulin-regulated arrestin domain protein controls hepatic glucagon action

Published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2023 Jul, using LY500063
PubMed: 37451484

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