Native Proteins

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Native proteins are proteins purified from its natural source which includes whole blood, serum, and plasma from human, animal or reptiles. In addition, microbes and non-microbial substances such as egg white, animal skin are also good source of native proteins. Native proteins undergo the natural in-vivo modifications such as cleavage of precursor proteins, disulfide bond formation, glycosylation or phosphorylation and maintain their complex 3-D structure, hence their behavior pattern is similar to their in-vivo behavior which makes it an ideal candidate for many applications.

Key features of OriGene’s Native Protein Offering

  • 400+ native proteins from 11 different species and 48 different sources
  • High quality and safe. Tested for HIV1, HIV2 and non-reactive anti-HCV when applicable
  • Convenient packaging and stable


  • Immunodiagnostic tests development
  • Control for immunobiological assays such as ELISA, and other antibody assays
  • Research applications: Protein studies such as protein-protein interactions, in-vitro biochemical assays, cell based functional assays
  • Native Protein-DNA conjugates : Native proteins-DNA conjugates are used in applications such as immune-PCR, proximity ligation, imaging (DNA-PAINT)