lentivirus shrna, plasmids and lentiviral particles

  • Potent shRNA design
  • Genome-wide coverage: Human, Mouse & Rat
  • High transduction efficiency
  • 3rd Generation lentiviral vectors: Safer
  • Lentiviral particles offered

The Lentiviral cassette contains three major functional elements, shRNA, a puromycin selection marker & a tGFP reporter.

Details of the lentiviral shRNA vectors

pGFP-C-shLenti vector

  • Third generation Lentivector
  • Chloramphenicol marker for bacterial selection
  • Three major functional elements within the 5’LTR and 3’LTR. All of them can be packaged to viral particles and transduced to many cell lines.
    1. shRNA expression cassette under U6 promoter
    2. Puromycin resistant for mammalian cell selection
    3. tGFP gene as reporter.

The shRNA expression cassette

  • 29mer hairpin with a 7bp loop.
  • U6 driven expression
  • A Pol III termination sequence (TTTTTT) immediately downstream of the hairpin.
  • The gene-specific shRNA cassette is sequence-verified to ensure its match to the target gene.

OriGene also has another Lentiviral shRNA vector, pRFP-CB-shLenti

pGFP-C-shLenti vector map

Lenti Accessories

Lenti ORF Packaging Kit LentiTran Control Particles Concentrator Lenti Vectors Lenti Titer Kit Stabilizer