Human Ion Channel Research and Products

As the world’s leading gene company, OriGene offers comprehensive product solutions for studying human ion channels.

Our products include:

  • 451 full length human cDNA clones, either native or tagged
  • HuSH-29 shRNA targeting over 450 human ion channel genes
  • Pre-designed SYBR primers for qPCR
  • Antibodies are in progress
OriGene Crystal Structure Potassium Ion Channel
Courtesy of Rod MacKinnon

Important Ion Channel Families

Glutamate receptor subunits
ATP receptor subunits
Cys-loop receptor
Sodium channels
Potassium channels
Calcium channels
Transient receptor potential
Cyclic nucleotide gated

Search all 450 ion channel related genes and proteins:

OriGene offers custom subcloning service for custom tagging, stable selection markers, etc. Contact Technical Support