90,000 Primary, Secondary, and Tag Antibodies

Broad coverage and high specificity

With a collection of over 90,000 primary antibodies and commonly used secondary and tag antibodies, OriGene offers an extensive range of antibodies from various species. We use advanced technologies to generate better antigens and validate the antibodies through multiple applications and protein samples. Our premium antibody brands include TrueMAB®, UltraMAB®, and TrueRAB™.

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Our signature antibody brands:

  • TrueRAB™ - Rabbit monoclonal antibodies validated through multiple applications.
  • UltraMAB® - mouse monoclonal antibodies validated with a High-Density Protein Microarray.
  • TrueMAB® - mouse monoclonal antibodies made against authentic protein antigens (mostly full-length proteins expressed in human cell lines).