Over-Expression Cell Lysate Controls (OEL Controls)

A validated positive control for Western Blot, ELISA

Full length human proteins as positive controls for antibody validation

OriGene offers a large collection of tagged over-expression lysates, a cost-effective assay standard for Western blot, ELISA, and other antibody assays.

Features include

  • 20,000 over-expression lysates of full length human proteins
  • Covering 80% of the human proteome
  • Expressed in mammalian HEK293T cells
  • C-terminal myc-DDK (FLAG) tag for easy expression detection and isolation

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Improved anti-DDK antibody

We strive to continuously improve our products to ensure you have the best tools for your research. Our new anti-DDK antibody (TA592569) has undergone rigorous validation and, at each step, has given better results. 

Features of our new anti-DDK antibody:

  • Improved sensitivity (5x -10x depending on your protein expression)
  • Minimal background
  • Validated for multiple applications: WB, IHC, IF, FC, ELISA, IP

Easily detect your target of interest from OriGene Lysates using our new, highly specific anti-DDK antibody. Works with both N and C-terminus tagged proteins.

TrueORF cDNA clones With Myc-DDK (FLAG) tags

Transfection into HEK293T

Over-expression Lysates of Full Length Human Proteins

  • Positive control for antibody validation including western blot, ELISA, and etc.
  • Protein functional assays
  • Immunoprecipitation, protein-protein interaction