Company Overview

What we do

Scientists often have difficulty getting access to a genes that was published recently or genes whose function are not known yet. To study these, they must develop the basic tools such as a clone of GOI, proteins and antibodies which is resource intense, time consuming and often risky. OriGene offers these scientists a ready-to-use solution that has been verified in the laboratory.

OriGene offers these essentials for all genes for human and mouse. OriGene has a searchable bank of over 586,116 cDNA Clones, many of them are sequenced and protein expression is verified. In addition, we offer over 27K recombinant proteins and 144K primary antibodies. We are only company to provide complete solution starting from clone to antibody and assays, a one-stop-shop leading you from genomics to proteomics.

Our Customers

  • University and Colleges
  • Research Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechs
  • Federal and State Research Institutes

Key Facts

  • Brands: MVPro, TrueMAB, TrueRAB, UltraMAB, TrueORF Gold
TrueORF Gold is OriGene’s collection of premium cDNA clones that have passed the ultimate tests: sequence verification and protein expression validation. Learn more
TrueMAB庐 Logo TrueMAB® are OriGene developed mouse monoclonal antibodies generated against full length human proteins produced in human cells as immunogens. Learn more
UltraMAB Logo UltraMAB® are OriGene developed mouse monoclonal antibodies whose mono-reactivity is tested using a high-density protein chip. Learn more
MVPro are full-length human proteins expressed in human cells. Learn more
TrueRAB®Logo TrueRAB® are recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies developed using OriGene’s proprietary single B cell cloning technology. Learn more