TrueORF Gold

TrueORF Gold is OriGene's collection of premium cDNA clones that have passed the ultimate tests: sequence verification and protein expression validation. Why settle for clones with little validation or wait for gene-synthesis? Get a TrueORF Gold clone and start your experiment immediately.
TrueORF Gold

TrueORF Gold delivers quality and promptness in one tube.

Each TrueORF Gold clone has been used to transfect human cell lines for protein expression. In fact, OriGene has produced over 12,000 over-expression lysates from TrueORF-transfected HEK293 cells and subsequently purified over 5,000 human proteins from those cells.
Wester Blot
Each TrueORF Gold clone is fully sequence with down-loadable chromatogram files posted online. View and analyze the sequences before purchasing and you will never worry about mutations when using TrueORF Gold.
TrueORF Chromatogram
All TrueORF Gold clones are available for next day shipment. Why spend weeks constructing a cDNA clone or have it synthesized? TrueORF Gold accelerates your research and gets you there faster, your experiment, your degree, your publication or your grant application.
Fedex Next Day Delivery
  • No need for subcloning. No need for plasmid preparation. Order a TrueORF Gold clone today, and start your experiment tomorrow.
  • TrueORF Gold clones are constructed with all elements (promoter, polyadenylation signal, drug-selection marker, etc) for protein-expression in mammalian cells.
  • TrueORF Gold clones are produced with high purity and low endotoxicity.
OriGene has prepared over a long list of shuttle vectors with matching cloning sites for easy transfer of the insert using PrecisionShuttle, a simple cut-and-paste procedure. Upon transfer, the highly validated inserts are automatically put into a different context for alternative expression options
  • Fluorescent-protein tagging vectors
  • Epitope-tagging vectors
  • Selection markers
  • Inducible vectors
  • Bacterial expression vectors

Comparison of cDNA clones from different sources

  Sequence-Verification Expression Validation Wait Time Shuttling into 100+ vectors
TrueORF Gold Yes Yes None Yes
Clones constructed in your lab Y/N Y/N Varies No
Clones obtained from other vendors Y/N No Varies No
Clones obtained by gene-synthesis Yes No Long No

The clones indicated with the crown icons TrueORF Crown are TrueORF Gold clones
Interested in custom cloning? Request a quote!Interested in custom cloning? Request a quote!