siTran 2.0™: Optimal transfection reagent for siRNA

siTran 2.0 is a novel biodegradable non-liposomal siRNA & DNA transfection reagent. With our proprietary pH Dependent Conformational Change (PDCC) technology, the biodegradable transfection reagent was formulated by addition of pre-screened hydrophobic groups to its side chain, making siTran 2.0 Reagent a versatile and most powerful gene delivery tool in the market.  siTran 2.0 has been validated to effectively and reproducibly transfect single siRNA or co-transfect DNA/siRNA to variety of mammalian cells.


  • Exceptional siRNA transfection efficiency
  • Great for siRNA/DNA co-transfection
  • Broad cell spectrum
  • Low cell cytotoxicity

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Catalog No. Description Price(USD) Manual
TT320001 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (0.5ml) 230
TT320002 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (1ml) 350
TT320002P5 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (5 x 1 mL) 1430

siTran 2.0 Transfection Data

siTran 2.0 siRNA-DNA-transfection-efficiency

siTran 2.0 was used to co-transfect TYE-563 labeled siRNA (CAT# SR30002) and GFP plasmid DNA (CAT# PS100093). Images were taken 48 hrs post transfection.