siTran 2.0™: Optimal transfection reagent for siRNA

siTran 2.0 is a novel biodegradable non-liposomal siRNA & DNA transfection reagent. With our proprietary pH Dependent Conformational Change (PDCC) technology, the biodegradable transfection reagent was formulated by addition of pre-screened hydrophobic groups to its side chain, making siTran 2.0 Reagent a versatile and most powerful gene delivery tool in the market.  siTran 2.0 has been validated to effectively and reproducibly transfect single siRNA or co-transfect DNA/siRNA to variety of mammalian cells.


  • Exceptional siRNA transfection efficiency
  • Great for siRNA/DNA co-transfection
  • Broad cell spectrum
  • Low cell cytotoxicity

siTran 2.0 Products

Catalog No. Description Manual
TT320001 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (0.5ml)
TT320002 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (1ml)
TT320002P5 siTran 2.0 siRNA transfection reagent (5 x 1 mL)

siTran 2.0 Transfection Data

siTran 2.0 siRNA-DNA-transfection-efficiency

siTran 2.0 was used to co-transfect TYE-563 labeled siRNA (CAT# SR30002) and GFP plasmid DNA (CAT# PS100093). Images were taken 48 hrs post transfection.