Cell transfection reagents

Researchers need to do gene overexpression (cDNA clones), gene knockdown (siRNA or shRNA) and gene knockout (CRISPR) to study gene functions. Effectively deliver those gene related products into cells is critical for their research. OriGene provides a broad range of transfection reagents for all of these different gene formats.

Selection Guide

Applications Transfection Reagents Features & Cell Types
Plasmid DNA Turbofectin 8.0™
  • Superior performance, comparable with FuGeneR 6
  • Broad spectrum for commonly used established cell lines, such as Hela, HEK293, MCF, 3T3, COS7, A549, etc.
  • Economical choice
  • Excellent transfection efficiency
  • Broad cell spectrum (MegaTran 2.0)
  • Formulated specially for HEK293 transfection
  • High transfection efficiency
  • Low cytotoxicity
siRNA siTran™
  • High efficiency and low cytotoxicity
  • Commonly used cell lines and primary cells, such as human primary T cells
Lentivirus Production LentiTran™
  • Exceptional high titer lentivirus production
  • Simple & robust transfection procedure
  • Very affordable
  • TurboFectin 8.0™ - Lipid/histone based transfection reagent
    TurboFectin is a new generation of transfection reagent for nucleic acid delivery into eukaryotic cells. TurboFectin 8.0 is the recommended for the delivery of TrueClone/TrueORF clones (for over-expression) and HuSH-29 constructs (shRNA for expression knock-down) in many established cell lines and cell types.
    • Superior performance: Comparable with FuGENE®6 in trasfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity
    • Wide spectrum: Over 100 cell lines and primary cell types have been successfully transfected with TurboFectin 8.0. Click to see the list of cells tested
    • Affordability: Lower cost than FuGENE®6
  • MegaTran - Polymer based transfection reagent
    MegaTran 2.0 is a polymer based transfection reagent specially designed and manufactured for high volume DNA transfection and large scale protein production in a broad range of cells.
    • Superior transfection efficiency and low toxicity
    • Improved protein production via transient transfection
    • Cost effective compared to other commonly used transfection reagent

  • siTran – For transfection of the siRNA duplex
    siTran is a brand-new transfection reagent specially for siRNA duplexes in transient transfection, high-throughput screening, etc. siTran 1.0 is also highly effective in transfecting plasmid DNA.
    • Dual purpose reagent for both siRNA duplexes and plasmid DNA
    • High efficiency and low cytotoxicity
    • Has been successfully used in the transfection of T cells

  • 293Tran – Specially formulated for transfecting HEK293 cells
    293Tran, which was formulated specifically for HEK293 cells for high transfection efficiency. 293Tran is a polymer-based and biodegradable transfection reagent.
    • Specialized for HEK293 – Maximize transfection performance in HEK293 cells
    • High Delivery Efficiency – Achieve 75-85% transfection efficiency
    • Low Cytotoxicity – Maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases

  • LentiTran – Specially formulated for high titer lentivirus production
    LentiTran is a polymer based transfection reagent that was developed for high titer lentivirus production in HEK293T cells.
    • Exceptional high titer lentivirus production
    • Simple & robust transfection procedure
    • Cost Effective

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1. The Axin scaffold protects the kinase GSK3β from cross-pathway inhibition

Published in eLife, 2023 Aug, using TF81001
PubMed: 37548359

2. Mitochondrial cytochrome P450 1B1 is involved in pregnenolone synthesis in human brain cells

Published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2023 Jul, using TT320001
PubMed: 37442234

3. A cohesin traffic pattern genetically linked to gene regulation

Published in Nature structural & molecular biology, 2023 May, using TF81001
PubMed: 36482254

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