Customer Testimonials

"We are very happy with the HSD17B13 protein from OriGene and found great quality for our internal quality control. We’ve been very happy with your customer service as well and appreciated when there was a labeling mishap on one of the proteins OriGene promptly provided a new corrected protein sample."

"Thanks for the valuable support that OriGene provides to our research in drug discovery. We are totally dependent on your TrueORF gold cDNA clones as they are well validated and have worked at all times in our expression studies. Let me take this opportunity to appreciate your team's effort to make available almost any gene that our research requires. For us, it saves lot of money, resources and time. I am personally satisfied with your cDNA/ORF clones and will be dependent on your team to supply clones for our protein expression/drug discovery efforts."

"OriGene has a truely great, extensive clone selection!! This has made many exciting and interesting experiments possible for us."

"Generally the products that I have purchased (clones, shRNA and antibodies) were all of great quality. I am very pleased with the availability of reagents that can be used to study expression (i.e. antibodies, primers, etc). OriGene is a 'one stop shopping experience' for us."

"Our experience with OriGene has come mainly through the purchase of shRNA constructs. They have worked very well, were very competitively priced, and the tech support people were awesome. They answered all of our questions and, when we had problems with the original shRNA control, they sent us another to try promptly."

"OriGene has an excellent inventory; good search engine for clones."

"Very good experiences with OriGene’s products and will recommend OriGene to all of my colleagues."

"You have largely democratized cell biology by making so many cDNA clones available, which is very much appreciated! Further lowering of barriers in the field will happen if the cost per experiment (esp. tools such as RNAi) comes down."

"cDNA and genomic DNA resources are invaluable items for our research. I wish you will forever maintain and develop those resources for researchers everywhere."

"You have superb line of plasmids!!! And it's been great working with your products!!"

"Our lab has been involved in gene expression studies. Earlier we use to face lot of problem in cloning the cDNAs, but with the use of the cDNA clones of OriGene, research was easy."

"Excellent products, great company - has significantly advanced my work with the availability of cDNA clones."

"We are preparing to begin a series of studies with expression vectors and have chosen OriGene for purchasing cDNA clones because of the breadth of selection available at your company."

"The tagged cDNA clones have been extremely helpful to me and saved me a lot of time. The prices on basic clones are higher than other companies, but I benefit from the fact that they come in expressionready vectors."

"I've had a great experience with OriGene products including cDNA clones but in partcular shRNA constructs. The shRNA constructs were extremely effective and were incredibly stable in my cells. I always choose OriGene for these types of reagents."

"I was very satisfied with the OriGene shRNA plasmid. Our lab has used mouse and human DNA plasmids and in comparison to other company’s plasmids, OriGene provides the best results. As a graduate student, I am very happy to have ordered the product from your company because it has made my research more efficient, less stressful and more hopeful about my project results. Thanks!"

"I've been ordering cDNA clones from OriGene since 2006 and have been extremely happy. Recently we started using OriGene to generate custom mutations in our cDNA’s of interest. The quality of OriGene's cloning and turnaround time is better than we can do ourselves. I now consider it more cost effective to have OriGene perform most of our cloning work."

"OriGene products are our first choice when it comes to procuring clones. We depend upon the high quality and greatly appreciate the variety of the clones available."

"I have had great experiences with OriGene’s products. My post-doc work started very smoothly with cDNA from OriGene. I was very satisfied, and have looked forward to using your products whenever required."

"As a cell physiologist, I know I can rely on OriGene when I need to manipulate a gene and test it’s function."

"OriGene is a great company. Some of the stuff is expensive, but it works well. So in the end it saves you money because you don’t have to waste time with other things."

"OriGene has been responsive to research needs of my lab."

"The interactions I have had thus far with OriGene have been favorable and would recommend OriGene to colleagues."

"My experiences with OriGene have been very positive…This has not been the case with other suppliers. Prices for verified clones are slightly higher than I would like, but overall I still feel that I get good value, especially with the confidence that the clone is correct."