What we believe


Provide efficient, innovative and comprehensive solutions for life science researchers, one target at a time


Be the premier source for genomic & proteomic tools to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and novel diagnostics


To provide genome wide, high-quality proteins and antibodies built upon our proprietary cDNA clone collections through innovation and dedicated customer engagement, one target at a time.

Core values

Customer centric, Innovative, Quality, Trust, Integrity

Customer centric: Provide solutions and services that addresses researchers needs throughout their research journey, pre- and post sales

Innovative: Strive constantly to develop solutions that can change a researcher's world both in product development and service

Quality: Offer only products & services that meets or exceeds the specifications previously agreed on

Trust: Consistently work on process that enables us (employer to employees, Employees to customer) deliver on our promises consistently

Integrity: To conduct business both with employees and customers ethically and legally, providing documentation to customers and explaining how conclusions were reached, and openly admitting any mistakes or wrongdoing by the company.