Expression Plasmid

Genome wide collection of Human, Mouse, Rat and Viruses

OriGene offers the large collection of expression plasmids, ready for transfecting into mammalian cells. Genome-wide coverage of Human (100,000), Mouse (300,000), rat (150,000) and viruses (2300).

cDNA clones are offered in several different mammalian expression vectors:
  1. TrueClone® - Untagged cDNA clones
  2. TrueORF® - Tagged ORF clones (Myc-DDK tag or GFP tag)
  3. TrueORF Gold - Expression validation ready
  4. Lenti-ORF - Lentiviral ORF clones (Myc-DDK tag or mGFP tag)
  5. Viral ORF - Viral ORF clones (Myc-DDK tag)
Features and Benefits
  • Expression clones driven by CMV promoter (view vectors)
  • Authentic cDNA transcripts from cells (no PCR artifacts)
  • Provided as 10 ug of transfection-ready plasmid DNA
  • Easy switch ORF with different tags or vectors via precisionShuttle
  • Clone sets / collections available, pathways, gene families
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OriGene’s Expression clones Save Times and Efforts

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