Dual Promoter Expression Vectors

OriGene's dual promoter expression vector is optimized for the co-expression of two transgenes, which has been shown to be more efficient that using two separate vectors. This all-in-one system uses promoters from different origins (rat and mouse) to minimize transcriptional interference. The vector also has selectable markers that are active in both E-coli and mammalian cells.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Strong and Constitutive Expression of Two Transgenes.
  • Transcriptional interference is minimized by using promoters of different origins, and strong polyadenylation signals (polyA).
  • SV40 enhances gene expression in a wide range of hosts.
  • EF-1α promoters are also non-tissue specific; they are highly expressed in all cell types.
  • Useful vector for expressing recombinant antibodies.
Dual Promoter Expression Vector
SKU Description
PS100129 pEF1a-Dual Promoter, mammalian vector with C-terminal Myc-DDK Tag

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