Premade AAV - ORF® Particles

With over 30,000 target-specific AAV particles, our transduction-ready options provide reliable and effective solutions for overexpressing your gene of interest (GOI) in dividing and non-dividing cells. Additionally, these pre-made particles are packaged using optimized AAV-2 Rep/Cap plasmids leading to increased packaging efficiency and guaranteed titers of >10^13 GC/mL.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Available for 30,000+ Targets: Enables researchers to study a wide range of genes across different species.
  • Myc-DDK Tagged: Facilitates purification, isolation, and detection
  • Pre-made with the AAV-2 Serotype: Utilizes a well-characterized and widely used serotype for reliable gene delivery
  • Ultra-Purified: Safe and effective for in vitro & in-vivo applications
  • High Titers: >10^13 GC/mL titer guaranteed for efficient transduction
  • Transduction-ready particles: Save up to 4 weeks of work
  • Custom options available: Flexible titers, serotypes, tags, and more!
Fig 1. In vitro transduction of HEK293T cells with an AAV-2 Luciferase Particles tagged with Myc-DDK.

Save time and Effort


Our premade AAV Particles are packaged using our pAAV-AC-Myc-DDK Expression Vector

This AAV vector has been extensively validated and optimized for increased packaging efficiency, while the CMV promoter drives robust and stable expression of the transgene in both dividing and non-dividing cells. Overall, using any of OriGene’s AAV vectors for particle production can enable researchers to efficiently and effectively transduce their cell lines, leading to deeper insights into biological processes and potential therapeutic applications.

Cat # PS100089

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