AAV Control Particles

OriGene's AAV control particles are efficient tools used to quantify transduction efficiency into a target cell. Our control particles are purified using iodixanol gradient ultracentrifugation, resulting in a pure product with a guaranteed titer of >10^13 GC/mL.

How do I select the correct AAV control particle?

When it comes to selecting AAV particles, the top 3 factors to consider are the promoter, serotype, and reporter. It is normally recommended to use a control particle with the same serotype and promoter as the AAV particle containing your gene of interest. Click here to learn more about selecting AAV serotypes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ready to use for in vitro and in vivo applications
  • High titer: increased transduction efficiency
  • Transduction of dividing and non-dividing cells

AAV Control Particles

SKU Serotype Reporter Size
CV900001L AAV2 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900002L AAVDJ GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900003L AAVDJ P53-GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900004L AAV8 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900005L AAV3 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900006L AAV6 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900007L AAV9 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900008L AAV7 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900009L AAV1 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900010L AAVrh.10 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900011L AAV-5 GFP 100ul/50ul
CV900012L AAV-PHP.eB GFP 100ul/50ul

If you do not see your desired AAV control particle, fill out our custom AAV packaging form and our experienced scientists will design a control particle to fit your needs.

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