Tissue Total RNA, Lung

CAT#: CR561445

RNA (5 µg); Lung; Carcinoma of lung, large cell

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Product Data
Disease State Cancer
Diagnosis Category Lung cancer
Tissue Lung
Frozen Sample ID FR00020A6D
Case ID CU0000005891
Prep 2
Vial ID RN00001EE9
Tissue of Origin Lung
Site of Finding Lung
Appearance Tumor
Sample Diagnosis (from Pathology Verification) Carcinoma of lung, large cell
Normal 0%
Lesional 0%
Tumor 88%
Tumor Hypo/Acellular Stroma 10%
Tumor Hypercellular Stroma 0%
Necrosis 2%
Bioanalyzer Ratio (28S/18S) 1.35
CASE Diagnosis (from medical center path report) Carcinoma of lung, large cell
Age 72
Gender Male
Tumor Grade Not Reported
Minimum Stage Grouping IIB
T (Extent of Primary Tumor) T2
N (Lymph node metastasis) N1
M (Distant metastasis) MX
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