Tissue FFPE Sections, Prostate

CAT#: CS802049

Tissue Sections (5x5um), FFPE; Prostate; Hyperplasia of prostate

USD 225.00

2 Weeks

    • 5 x 5 um

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Product Data
Disease State Other Disease
Diagnosis Category Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
Tissue Prostate
Frozen Sample ID PA00000C4E
Case ID CU0000001131
Tissue of Origin Prostate
Site of Finding Prostate
Appearance L
Sample Diagnosis (from Pathology Verification) Hyperplasia of prostate
Normal 20%
Lesional 50%
Tumor 0%
Tumor Hypo/Acellular Stroma 0%
Tumor Hypercellular Stroma 0%
Necrosis 30%
Pathology Verification notes from H&E review 50% Glandular epithelium, 20% Stroma, 30% Infarcted tissue; Contains benign prostate hyperplasia
CASE Diagnosis (from medical center path report) Hyperplasia of prostate
Age 76
Gender Male
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