HIV-2 (gp36) Human Protein

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HIV-2 gp36 human recombinant protein, 1 mg

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Description HIV-2 gp36 human recombinant protein, 1 mg
Species Human
Expression Host Pichia pastoris
Concentration lot specific
Purity Determined by SDS-PAGE and Western blot
Buffer Presentation State: Azide Free
State: Liquid purified protein
Buffer System: 6M Urea, 0.02M Tris-HCl, 0.5M Sodium Chloride, pH 7.0-8.0 at RT without preservatives
Preparation Liquid purified protein
Applications Suitable for ELISA and Western blot.
Protein Description Recombinant Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 2 (HIV-2) gp36. Recombinant ecto-domain of HIV-2 gp36. Contains a 6 histidine fusion partner. Reacts with HIV-2 positive Human sera and monoclonal antibodies as determined by ELISA and Western blot. Major immunospecific band at 14 kDa. Minor bands at 5, 16, 18, 28 and 42 kDa.
Storage Store at -20° to -70°C.
Aliquot to avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.
Stability Shelf life: six months from despatch.
Reference Data
Locus ID 109864281
Synonyms RNA5-8N2


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