LOX or lysyl oxidase is also known as protein-lysine 6-oxidase, a human protein encoded by the LOX gene. The inhibition of LOX can cause osteolathyrism. When LOX is upregulated by tumor cells, it may promote metastasis of the existing tumor that cause it to become malignant and cancerous.

SKU# TP313323 (20 ug)
Name Recombinant protein of human lysyl oxidase (LOX)
Expression Host HEK293 cells
Cited In-vitro and in-vivo functional
Application Assays

Human LOX from HEK293 cells

LOX purified from HEK293 cells

LOX purified from HEK293 cells shows high purity and protein activity. Activity data is cited from Cell Rep 2017.

Control and rLOX protein

An increased number of metastatic cells was found in the lungs of mice injected with OriGene recombinant LOX protein (SKU# TP313323) compared to control mice injected with PBS. Figure cited from Cell Rep 2017

Recombinant LOX

Knocking down of LOX protein caused a reduction in the number of viable cells., which can be rescued by OriGene LOX protein (SKU# TP313323). Figure cited from EMBO Mol Med 2015

Citations for the recombinant LOX protein (TP313323)

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