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GFAP is one of the major intermediate filament proteins of mature astrocytes. It is used as a marker to distinguish astrocytes from other glial cells during development. Mutations in the GFAP gene cause Alexander disease, a rare disorder of astrocytes in the central nervous system.

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GFAP UltraMab™ Antibody

SKU# UM500094
Target Homo sapiens glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP), transcript variant 1
Host Mouse
Reactivity Human, Rat
Tested Application WB, IHC, IF
Dilution WB: 1:2000, IHC: 1:100, IF: 1:100
Confocal immunofluorescence GFAP labeled

Confocal immunofluorescence image of primary rat neurons labeled with GFAP mouse monoclonal antibody (green) (SKU# UM500094) and DAPI (blue) for nuclear. Scale car, 20 µm

IHC staining GFAP antibody

IHC staining of FFPE human embryonic cerebellum using GFAP mouse monoclonal antibody (SKU# UM500094). For FFPE tissues, HIER pretreatment with citrate pH 6.0 is required. Detection was done with Polink2 HRP for DAB.

Common Targets In Neuroscience

Targets Product Description SKU
UCH-L1 (PGP9.5) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody UM800136
Purifed Recombinant Protein TP301803
Over-expression Lysate LY401345
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC201803L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN401803
GFAP Mouse Monoclonal Antibody UM500094
Purifed Recombinant Protein TP304548
Over-expression Lysate LY419563
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC204548L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN404548
N-Cadherin (CCH2) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody UM500023
Purified Recombinant Protein TP307170
Over-expression Lysate LY419743
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC207170L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN407170
IDH1 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody TA500610
Purified Recombinant Protein TP310582
Over-expression Lysate LY401782
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC210582L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN410582
Vimentin (VIM) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody UM800055
Purified Recombinant Protein TP301546
Over-expression Lysate LY401165
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC201546L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN401546
SOX2 Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody TA591006
Purified Recombinant Protein TP300757
Over-expression Lysate LY401083
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC200757L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN400757
Tau (MAPT) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody UM800131
Purified Recombinant Protein TP313312
Over-expression Lysate LY401790
Tagged Lentiviral ORF Clone RC213312L3
Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR) KN413312