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HER2 gene encodes a member of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor family of receptor tyrosine kinases. It is found in 10-30% of all breast cancers, 29% of gastric cancers, 10% of lung cancers, and 18-61% of uterine cancers.

  • 10-30% of all breast cancers
  • 29% of gastric cancers
  • 10% of lung cancers
  • 18-61% of uterine cancers
regulatory mutations

The diagram depicts HER2 amplification at the protein and DNA level.

HER2 UltraMab™ Antibody

SKU# UM500036 (100ul) (UM500036) & UM570036 (30ul) (UM570036)
Clone Name UMAB36
Target Homo sapiens erb-b2 receptor tyrosine kinase 2 (ERBB2), transcript variant 1
Host Mouse
Reactivity Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey
Tested Application IHC, IF, WB
Dilution WB: 1:500, IHC: 1:100, IF: 1:100
her2 expression in FFPE human breast cancer

The four panels show different levels of HER2 expression in FFPE human breast cancer. IHC was done on a breast cancer tissue microarray using mouse anti-HER2 clone UMAB36 (SKU# UM500036) monoclonal antibody (1:100). Anti-HER2 clone UMAB36 requires HIER pretreatment with Tris/EDTA pH 8.5 buffer for optimal staining. HER2 expression levels were evaluated by a board certified pathologist.

her2 Immunofluorescence

Immunofluorescence image of FFPE HER2+ breast cancer labeled with HER2 mouse monoclonal antibody clone UMAB36 (red, SKU# UM500036) and DAPI (blue) for nuclear staining.

her2 western-blot analysis

Western blot analysis of HepG2, HeLa, A549, and MCF7 cell lines extracts (35ug per lane) using anti-HER2 antibody (clone UMAB36) at 1:500.

Protein Name Antibody Description SKU
CD16 alpha Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-FCGR3A (CD16 alpha) Antibody TA350080
CTNNB1 Beta-Catenin (CTNNB1) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone UMAB15 UM500015
EGF Anti-EGF Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody TA324063
EGFR EGFR mouse monoclonal antibody,clone UMAB95 UM500070
EGFR4/HER4 Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-EGFR4/HER4/ERBB4 Antibody TA349275
ER (ESR1) ESR1 (Estrogen Receptor 1/ER) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI1B1 TA503759
GRB2 Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-GRB2 Antibody TA349332
HB-EGF Anti HBEGF (Center) polyclonal antibody AP52008PU-N
HSP90AA1 Rabbit polyclonal anti-HSP90AA1(HSP90) antibody, Loading control TA332385
Ki67 Purified KI67 (MKI67) mouse monoclonal antibody,clone UMAB107 UM800033
LRG1 Rabbit polyclonal anti-LRG1 (A2GL) antibody TA316028
p38 MAPK Rabbit Anti-p38 MAPK (Thr180/Tyr182) Antibody (Phospho-Specific) TA309206
MUC1 MUC1/EMA mouse monoclonal antibody, clone UMAB57 UM800008
NGR1 Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-Nogo (NGR1) Receptor TA328650
p53 Purified P53 (TP53) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone UMAB62 UM500053
Phospholipase C Anti-PHOSPHOLIPASE C / PLC polyclonal antibody AP21376AF-N
PICK1 Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-PICK1 Antibody TA350769
PICK3R5 PIK3R5 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI5B1 TA505815
PLCG1 Phospholipase C gamma 1 (PLCG1) (970-990) (incl. pos. control) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody AM20220PU-N
PR PR (PgR) mouse monoclonal antibody,clone UMAB136 UM800037
SHC1 Anti-SHC1 (SHC) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI3A1 TA501056
SRC Rabbit Polyclonal Src (Tyr529) Antibody (Phospho-specific) TA325880
TGFalpha Anti-TGFA Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody TA323258
cd16alpha Rabbit Polyclonal Anti-FCGR3A (CD16 alpha) Antibody TA350080