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You have come to the right place for your cDNA clone needs! With over 25 years of experience, OriGene has accelerated gene function discovery with over 1 million cDNA clones. Our collection has been recognized not only for its broad coverage but more importantly, its high quality. In addition, lentiviral plasmid and particles are offered for difficult to transfect cells.

This award recognizes OriGene as the fastest growing supplier in cloning, identified by having the greatest increase in citations in 2023 among 50,000+ suppliers. Learn more.

Why Should I Use OriGene Clones?

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Human / Mouse / Rat / Virus
  • Multiple Expression Systems Available: Mammalian, Bacterial, Lentiviral, AAV
  • Transfection-ready DNA: 10 ug provided
  • Flexible Shuttling: Over 100 expression vectors
  • Custom Cloning: Click here to learn more
  • Proven to work: OriGene's clones have been successfully cited in Nature, Cell, and more! (view citations)

OriGene’s Expression Clones Save Times and Efforts

OriGene Clones 10ug Advantages

Customer Reviews

"We are a loyal local customer of OriGene and we always get reliable results from using their expression plasmids."

Review by J.S.

CiPA Lab

"Origene had the exact clone we needed."

Review by M.B.

University of Pennsylvania

"Origene products are easy to use and customer service is super helpful! I've always got helped when I encountered a problem. Thank you."

Review by T.T.

University of Michigan

"What I like about the Origene wesbsite was that the chat line usually directs me to the right person to ask questions -- who not only answers my questions, but will provide the quote, and good to follow up on the progress, etc."

Review by R.A.

Case Western Reserve University

"Good quality, fast turnaround time, reasonable pricing with a vast selection"

Review by J.Z.

BC Cancer Research Centre

"I really trust OriGene's cloning service!"

Review by A.C.

Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai

"Our lab is a frequent customer."

Review by P.B.

George Washington University, School of Medicine

"The technical support was great with good response time."

Review by L.M.

Center for Disease Control

"All products have been great or quickly exchanged."

Review by K.P.

University of Toledo-HSC

"Good variety of clones with good choice of labels"

Review by M.B.

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

"We have been using OriGene for the last five years. The plasmids are amazing"

Review by S.K.

UT Southwestern Medical Center

"Excellent quality and affordable price"

Review by K.P.

St. Johns University


Recent Citations using our Clones

1. Optimization of a Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 Receptor Antagonist Antibody for Treatment of Hyperinsulinism

Published in Diabetes, 2023 Sep, using RG210811
PubMed: 37358194

2. The ubiquitin-like modifier FAT10 covalently modifies HUWE1 and strengthens the interaction of AMBRA1 and HUWE1

Published in PLOS ONE, 2023 Aug, using RC206255
PubMed: 37578983

3. Uncharacterized protein C17orf80 – a novel interactor of human mitochondrial nucleoids

Published in Journal of Cell Science, 2023 Aug, using RC200157
PubMed: 37401363

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