Anatomic Pathology Products - IHC Antibodies

UltraMAB®,the Ultra Specific Antibodies for Anatomic Pathology

  • UltraMAB specificity: tested with High Density Protein Microarray
  • UltraMAB performance: validated for IHC staining with over 25 normal and cancer human tissues

Current targets of UltraMABs include HER2, ALK, Ki67, ERCC1, Beta-Catenin, IDH1 and other important diagnostic target.

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TrueMAB® validated for IHC

OriGene also generated TrueMAB® mouse monoclonal antibodies against full-length human proteins and tested them for IHC staining.

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IVD antibodies for IHC

SDIX, OriGene’s wholly owned subsidiary, has manufactured OriGene’s antibodies, including UltraMAB®, in a GMP environment and obtained CE marking for these products. The antibodies are intended for detection of specific protein expression in frozen or formalin fixed human tissues and cells. These antibodies are for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) use*.

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