Protein Accessory Products

Anti-tag beads and immunoprecipitation kits

OriGene offers the agarose or magnetic beads conjugated with tag antibodies and Immunoprecipitation Kits for protein studies and the discovery of protein-protein interactions.

DDK Tag(the same epitope as FLAG*):

Description Datasheet SKU Size
4C5, Anti-DDK Agarose beads TA150037 1ml
TA150037S 0.5mL
4C5, Anti-DDK Magnetic beads TA150042 1ml
TA150042S 0.5mL
4C5, Anti-DDK Agarose Immunoprecipitation Kit
AR100023 1 kit
4C5, Anti-DDK Magnetic Immunoprecipitation Kit
AR100024 1 kit

Antibody purification reagents

Description Datasheet SKU Size
Protein A Sepharose® * TP790010 1ml
TP790011 5ml
Protein G Sepharose® * TP790005 1ml
TP790006 5ml

Proteins A and G bind almost exclusively with the IgG class of antibodies, but their binding properties differ among species and subclasses of IgG. Protein A is generally preferred for rabbit, pig, dog and cat IgG. Protein G has better binding capacity for a broader range of mouse and human IgG subclasses (IgG1, IgG2, etc.). These recombinant proteins are covalently immobilized to crosslinked agarose beads.

OriGene’s Protein A Sepharose® and Protein G Sepharose® have been used to purify more than 4,000 TrueMAB™ antibodies.

* Sepharose® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare

Protein Molecular Weight Markers

OriGene offers unstained and prestained protein ladders for the assessment of relative molecular sizes of proteins that have been separated by electrophoresis.

Description Datasheet SKU Size Inventory
Unstained PAGE Protein Ladder (12-122 kDa) TP790012 500ul In Stock
Prestained Protein Ladder (12-122 kDa) TP790027 250ul In Stock