Protein Accessory Products

Anti-tag beads and immunoprecipitation kits

OriGene offers the agarose or magnetic beads conjugated with tag antibodies and Immunoprecipitation Kits for protein studies and the discovery of protein-protein interactions.

DDK Tag(the same epitope as FLAG*):

Description Datasheet SKU Size
4C5, Anti-DDK Agarose beads TA150037 1ml
TA150037S 0.5mL
4C5, Anti-DDK Magnetic beads TA150042 1ml
TA150042S 0.5mL
4C5, Anti-DDK Agarose Immunoprecipitation Kit
AR100023 1 kit
4C5, Anti-DDK Magnetic Immunoprecipitation Kit
AR100024 1 kit

Antibody purification reagents

Description Datasheet SKU Size
Protein A Sepharose® * TP790010 1ml
TP790011 5ml
Protein G Sepharose® * TP790005 1ml
TP790006 5ml

Proteins A and G bind almost exclusively with the IgG class of antibodies, but their binding properties differ among species and subclasses of IgG. Protein A is generally preferred for rabbit, pig, dog and cat IgG. Protein G has better binding capacity for a broader range of mouse and human IgG subclasses (IgG1, IgG2, etc.). These recombinant proteins are covalently immobilized to crosslinked agarose beads.

OriGene’s Protein A Sepharose® and Protein G Sepharose® have been used to purify more than 4,000 TrueMAB® antibodies.

* Sepharose® is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare