Mirna primer for qPCR

qSTAR MicroRNA Primer Pairs for SYBR Green qPCR are designed to function in OriGene’s miRNA detection system. All primers are pre-validated in an expression profile experiment against normal and ovarian cancer samples. (Validation data)

  • Validated and guaranteed to provide reliable data
  • Detects miRNA in all types of RNA samples including enriched or degraded samples
  • Designed to function in OriGene’s miRNA detection system

See miRNA Primer Panels for genomewide coverage.

Get each miRNA primer pair with matching miRNA Template Standard for quantification down to absolute copy number.

Catalog No. Description
HP3xxxxx or MP3xxxxx or RP3xxxxx Lyophilized miRNA primer pair (200 reactions at 25 uL per reaction) for use in SYBR Green qPCR experiment

Required Component of miRNA Detection Assay

First-strand cDNA Synthesis Kit—qSTAR first-strand cDNA synthesis kit for miRNA is a two-step protocol kit.

  1. Addition of poly (A) tail to RNA sample
  2. Use of anchor linker oligo dT to synthesize first-strand cDNA.

The miRNA cDNA then becomes an effective qPCR template for SYBR Green I qPCR. The kit is designed to function only with OriGene’s miRNA detection system.

Catalog No. Description Data Sheet
HP100041 First-strand cDNA Synthesis kit for miRNA—10 reactions
HP100042 First-strand cDNA Synthesis kit for miRNA—50 reactions