TissueScan Starter Kit

New to TissueScan? No problem. Get a Starter Kit and experience the joy of skipping the horrid process of human tissue procurement. Get your first data with clinical samples in 2 hrs for only $120.

Contents of a TissueScan Starter Kit:

  1. Two 96-well qPCR plates with 24 samples, each with normalized first-strand cDNA from a well-characterized cancer tissue. (View datasheet)
  2. One vial of validated primer pair for survivin gene (Survivin are over-expressed in many cancer tissues and can be used as positive control).
  3. One vial of validated primer pair for beta-actin gene (normalization control, optional).

Product needed but not included in the kit:

  1. qPCR primer pairs for your gene of interest. (qSTAR qPCR primers for $125 each)
  2. qPCR master mix (qPCR master mix)

QC Data with survivin & beta actin

Catalog No. Description
TSRT101 TissueScan Starter Kit (2 Panels) with surviving and beta-actin primers (View datasheet)